Saturday, September 16, 2006

note to self.

when i'm dancing with you tomorrow doesn't matter, turn the music up til the windows start to shatter cause you're the only one who can get me on my feet, and i can't even dance.

when we're together
when we're together
there is no tomorrow
there is no tomorrow

when we're together
there's no one in the world
but you and me
oh you and me
oh you and me

(bits of) no tomorrow. orson


joana said...

"when i'm dancing with you tomorrow doesn't matter" - yes, I know the feeling (boy do I know it!)... except that in my case I mean a plural "you"... yes, you can call me whatever you want ;P If I'm a slut, then I'm loving it!...

and you, you're all sugar and spice (like that pink diary of yours!)... it's all about the love, love, love... I'm not making much sense (but come on! look at the time I'm writing this!)


xary said...

é engraçado que ultimamente também tenho apanhado muitas vezes essa música na rádio e também deixou a sua marca. será que há coisas que really happen for a reason?

bonito excerto, by the way :)

beijo grande*

Canochinha said...

Boa música ;)