Thursday, December 18, 2008


why deny all the troubles when combined
with the missing links
it don't feel like home now, that you're gone
all the troubles suddenly explained infinitum
you're always wishing and never here at home
all the dreams we shared and lights we turned on
but the house is getting dark
and i don't want to know your past
but together share the dawn
and i won't need nothing else cause when we're dead we would've had it all
and died
i would've fallen from the sky till you
parachutes have opened now
heaven knows if there's a ceiling
come so low with the kneeling
please know that i got all the friends i'm needing
before my light goes out
as the doors are closing now
and far away will be my home
and to grasp this i don't know and i don't need
further back and forth, a wave will brake on me today
and love, wish the world could go again with love, one can't seem to have enough
and war, break the sky and tell me what's it for
i'll travel there on my own
and love,
what a different life had i not found this love with you

pearl jam. parachutes


joana said...

esta sempre foi das minhas preferidas.

e raios partam, agora deixaste-me a chorar!! (para mim não é uma boa altura para ouvir parachutes)


Allor None said...

nem tenho palavras para essa música.. (so talvez uma lagrima ao canto do olho)