Friday, September 21, 2007


the honeymoon couple had their heads together over their table. the man, smoothly handsome, in what cropper recognised as a christian dior wool and cashmere jacket in dark peacock, took their joined hands to his mouth and kissed the inside of the girl's wrists. she wore an ivory silk shirt, displaying an amethyst necklace on a smooth throat, above a purple skirt. she caressed her partner's hair, evidently in that obsessive and compulsive state that excludes, for brief periods of human lives, all consciousness of other observers.

possession, a.s. byatt


anokas said...

either way, i'll let you know.

borrowing me said...

isto de ser romantica...
obrigada pelo teu comentário
adorei o teu texto

xary said...

é a tal 'bolha' onde o Nós está no centro de tudo e o tempo se faz ao ritmo dos gestos partilhados.


beijo * [ ]

cate* said...

esse livro... LINDO. xD *