Friday, May 11, 2007

kiss me

"if anything, i would say that we were falling so fast and so far that nothing could catch us. again, i lapse into metaphor. but that is probably beside the point. for whether or not i can talk about it does not change the truth of what happened. the fact is, there never was such a kiss, and in all my life i doubt there can ever be such a kiss again."

the new york trilogy, paul auster


anokas said...

very good. you do have to lend me that book ;)

enjoy the kiss, the kiss, the kiss, the kiss, the kiss......

borrowing me said...

and what a perfect post to start of this morning...

i loved it!

kisses and have a good week

MalucaResponsavel said...

Bastava o título... e dzs tudo... kiss

xary said...

kiss me kiss me kiss me! ;) heart-cure

beijos * :)

anokas said...

achei algo que se adequa. É de fernando pessoa*


A kiss is more than a touch of lips -
it is a touch of two hearts,
of two souls,
of two glowing portions of the life spirit.